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The most handy kitchen appliances you will find in almost every home are a griddle and skillet. Whether you want to fry hard boiled eggs or cook steak, no one can beat them as they help you rustle up delicacies within minutes. They are also easy to clean and look so cool whether you prefer to cook indoors or outdoors.

But, have you wondered about the difference between griddle and skillet? The biggest difference is that the griddles have a flat surface with handles and they can be used for cooking anything from bacon and steaks to eggs. Skillets are the basic frying pans used in kitchen for shallow frying, sautéing, and searing.

While they look almost similar and many people confuse between the two, griddles and skillets differ a lot in terms of taste, surface area, portability, price range, indoor cooking, outdoor cooking, grilling, and sear marks. Read on to find the difference in detail and then we will look into what a griddle and skillet can do.

TasteRobust Flavors and smokeFood not as flavorful
Surface AreaAccommodates large itemsOnly smaller items
PortabilityCannot be moved easilySmall and compact
Price RangeCostlyAffordable
GrillingGood for grillingNot suitable
Sear MarksNo sear marks, except few modelsNo sear marks
Outdoor cookingWorks greatNot for outdoors
Indoor cookingNot for indoorsWorks great

3 Key Differences – Taste, Price, And Portability

When choosing the right appliance for their kitchen, many people find themselves in a dilemma because they are unable to tell which one will suit their needs. Let’s take a closer look at the three key differences in terms of taste, price, and portability.


Griddles and skillets vary widely in taste. The griddles are designed in a way to properly roast and smoke whatever you put on it. The skillets, on the other hand, can only roast or fry to a certain extent. If you are looking for a perfect appliance to serve large family gatherings or traditional barbeque style get-togethers, a griddle is what you need.

The large surface area of a griddle combined with the smoky mess makes this appliance so popular. With a griddle, you can use that one pan for grilling a variety of food items. The griddle can also be used to cook your food at an optimum temperature, which is needed to suit your tastes.

Skillets are comparatively smaller and they cannot achieve high temperature like griddles, hence there’s a marked difference in the taste of food cooked in them. Smoking food is not a viable option but even if you manage to do it, the taste won’t be as fiery as griddles.

If you are planning to cook indoors, we recommend a skillet but if you want to cook outdoors, a griddle is the best bet. A skillet works best at bringing out the authentic flavors in shrimp and eggs.


When you buy any kitchen appliances, especially the ones you need to use frequently, portability is an important deciding factor. Your favorite appliance should be easy to use and carry around indoors or outdoors or else the money is wasted.  

When it comes to portability, griddles are a great option as they sport a large surface area which means they can accommodate a lot of food at once. However, this advantage falls short if you try to use a griddle to poach an egg or make a pancake in the kitchen as most gas stoves are not big enough to hold the flat base of the appliance.

Skillets score higher than the griddles in terms of portability because they are smaller in size and so they can easily fit into a gas stovetop. Many people prefer them for their small and compact size. However, if you are planning a large gathering at home, a skillet may not be enough to cook food for everyone. Despite that, we can’t stop loving skillets for their amazing convenience and portability.


Price is another important factor that differentiates griddles and skillets. If a product is too expensive, we usually let go even if it is very effective. The griddles are usually on the higher side when compared to the skillets. The basic griddles may cost more than $300 and if you want a large one with several features then the models may cost up to $5000.

Skillets, also known as frying pans are usually inexpensive and you can get a decent one for $200. Most of the good quality skillets are available less than $1000. The models with an induction base are slightly more expensive than the ones without it.

Benefits Of Using Griddles And Skillets

Griddles work best for cooking meat, especially used for making the popular burgers. You can cook outdoors with ease and enjoy the fresh air while the food gets ready. Some griddles come with a drip tray to prevent the spillage and this makes cleaning easier.

Earlier the drip trays were only found in indoor varieties but now they can also be seen in outdoor griddles. With a griddle, it is comparatively easier to control and adjust the temperature according to the type of food you are cooking. This helps in preserving the authentic flavors of dishes.

Coming to skillets, they are known for their wrought or cast iron construction in North America. As they are chemical-free, these pans are healthier alternatives to enjoy a life without any health problems. With sturdy construction and a durable frame, the skillets are designed to last longer than other appliances.

Although you can get non-stick frying pans, we prefer the ones made of cast iron as they add iron to the food. A large population in the world suffers from iron deficiency, cooking in an iron skillet not only means tasty food but healthier too. Besides being good for use on the stove, skillets can also be safely used in ovens.

Downsides Of Using Griddles And Skillets

The large surface area of griddles is considered beneficial for several reasons, the most important being the ability to accommodate a lot of food together. However, the same large surface also becomes a hindrance in terms of portability.

If you prefer grilling your food with sear marks, you may be disappointed with griddles. In some models, you can expect to find sear marks but most of them don’t leave any marks. The griddles cannot match the same temperature of a grill and they are harder to use on a small stove.

While it’s easier to use a skillet on a small stove, the biggest downside is that they cannot hold a lot of food together. With a skillet, it is difficult to reach a high temperature to get the desired smoky effect. When you cook your food on these appliances, most of them don’t leave any marks.

Facts About Skillets

They are the typical frying pans you find in every kitchen and called skillets (see Amazon) mainly in the USA. They feature a round shape and are known for performing a lot of tasks such as shallow frying, searing, and sautéing. Skillets are essential kitchen appliances as they can be used for performing a variety of tasks.

Most of the skillets are made of cast iron but you will also find many that are non-stick and other materials such as copper, steel, and aluminum. They are known as one of the most handy tools in the kitchen and can be used for a variety of tasks. In most cases, it is the non-stick ability and design that makes them so popular.  

When it comes to size, there is no fixed size available so you can choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly. The size usually varies from 8 inches to 14 inches, but you can find pans that are smaller or bigger than that range.

The weight of skillets is usually less than griddles and this will vary depending on their size and the materials they are made from. The ones made from aluminum are usually the lightest of all and the cast-iron models are the heaviest. Some people prefer a heavier pan due to stability and better heat distribution.

You can find skillets both offline and at traditional stores, but the quality may differ widely. Remember to do good research before buying because a good skillet can last for decades. Stay away from the very low-priced or cheap looking products as they cannot stand up to everyday use.

Facts About Griddles

Griddles are primarily used for cooking food on the grill and they are essentially of two types – griddle pans and griddle plates. The griddles plates are commonly seen in commercial places but these days you can also find them in home kitchens. They sport a flat surface used for cooking food and you can also find electric versions of it.  

The griddle pans are typically made from cast iron material but they may also feature a non-stick surface. They may be similar in size to skillets or sometimes come in square shapes. The primary difference in design is the raised bars enabling the fat to drain away. Some models may replicate the marks you usually find on cooked on grills.

Griddles are typically used to cook meats such as steaks or chicken. They may also be used to cook vegetables. The biggest advantage of using a griddle is that heat distributes evenly and cooks whatever you put on them uniformly.

The griddle pans are designed for healthy cooking so whatever fat you put in your food accumulates in the wells and drains away. The pans are usually non-stick with an exterior coating or natural material such as cast iron, so you don’t need to add any oil.

Can you use a skillet in the place of griddle?

Yes, you can use a skillet in the place of the griddle plate. If you are considering to use it instead of a griddle pan, be careful about the amount of oil used as the main job of the latter is to drain away the excess fat from food.

What’s the difference between a frying pan and a skillet?

Well, they both mean the same thing. In the UK, this kitchen appliance is known as a frying pan whereas in the US, people call it a skillet.

Are electric skillets good for use?

Yes, just like cast iron skillets used for cooking on gas tops, you can also find electric skillets in the market. Their biggest advantage is that they can hold a steady temperature throughout unlike heating by gas. They are good for cooking pancakes and frying doughnuts.

Can you use a griddle to cook a steak?

Yes, cast iron griddles are perfect for cooking steaks as they are capable of distributing the heat evenly throughout the area. They are also non-stick and drain excess fat. Some models will also leave lovely marks on the food that replicates outdoor grilling. You can also cook chicken breasts and several other types of meat and veggies on a griddle.

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