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Hey, how are you? I am happy to find you on my site here and even happier that you wish to know more about me, the guy behind this Grill Site.

I am James and my simple philosophy of life is to live a great life with friends, spend lots of good times, and cook delicious grilled food. Everything else is superficial and will be left behind when we leave the world. It’s the happy and fun times that really count.

To live my life to the lees, I follow my passion for making great BBQ food for myself, my family, and my friends. While I don’t exactly remember when I developed a taste in learning grilling techniques, this was sometime during my college days in Australia.

While studying there, I was smitten by the great food and BBQ culture in the land Down Under. I remember how my friends and I used to save money to eat in the best BBQ restaurants around the city. Back home, I now have the time to pursue my passion and cook BBQ food every weekend and, at times, even during the week.

Brighton Beach Melbourne, Australia

My love for BBQ drove me to endlessly research grilling techniques in order to expand my knowledge base and hone my skills. I have had the opportunity to grill with some of the best BBQ chefs in town and this has enriched my experience and understanding of the little things that differentiate a master from an amateur.

Somewhere down the lane, I realized that there are so many beginner BBQ enthusiasts out there who are not as lucky as me to learn from chef masters. So, I have created this site to share what I have learned with everyone who wishes to learn anything and everything BBQ and grill related.

Whether you want to know the right techniques of grilling to retain the savory juices and prevent the meat from turning dry or find out which BBQ appliance and accessories to buy this summer, you will find them all here. So, let’s get grilling!

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