Why don’t Blackstone Grills Have Lids?



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Blackstone is known for producing some of the best outdoor grills on the market. One thing that people often mention is that, unlike some other grills that are available, Blackstone grills do not always include a lid. Our researchers set out to discover why this is the case.

So, why don’t Blackstone grills have lids? Well, the vast majority of them do. While it is impossible to know why Blackstone didn’t choose to use a lid on all of their grills, it does seem as if those without lids tend to be more portable, or perhaps are not designed for being used outdoors for long periods of time.

Our experts do want to expand upon this a little bit, as well as give you a rough idea about what you can do if your Blackstone grill doesn’t come complete with a lid.

Why Don’t Blackstone Grills Have Lids?

Many of the Blackstone grills do have lids. It is actually only a small selection of their range that will not have a lid. So, if you want a Blackstone grill with a lid, you certainly do have options available.

It is almost impossible to know exactly why some Blackstone grills do not come with a lid. This is a choice that the Blackstone designers have made, and they do not exactly talk about why they have designed things in a certain way. What we can do, however, is speculate as to why there may not be a lid on your fancy Blackstone grill.

It is Designed to Be Portable

If you go through the range of Blackstone Grills, you will notice that many of the grills that do not have lids attached to them are advertised as being portable i.e. you can quickly fold them up and take them wherever you want.

Once you throw a lid into the mix, the portability of the Blackstone Grill will go all the way down. This is because it is impossible to fold that lid up nice and flat.

It Isn’t Meant to Be Stored Outdoors

One of the main purposes of a hood is to help protect the grill when it is stored outdoors for long periods of time. This helps to protect the grill from rust, rodents, and general adverse effects from the weather.

There are a few Blackstone grills, namely the most portable ones, which are not meant to be kept outside in all weathers. Therefore, if they have not been designed to be kept outside in all weathers, they don’t really need a lid to protect the grill. 

Temperature Regulation

Lids are often used on grills to help lock in the heat. This is to ensure even heating of the foods.

The thing is, Blackstone grills (see Amazon) are fantastic at temperature regulation as it is. Many of them are designed to heat up the thinner pieces of meat, or perhaps a few vegetables, so they do not really need to lock that heat in at all. The grill is going to be enough to heat the meat all the way through.

You only ever really need a lid if you are heating up incredibly thick cuts of meat, which people will rarely do.

Are There Options for Blackstone Grills That Don’t Have Lids?

There are some companies that produce lids that you can attach to your Blackstone Grill. Since Blackstone is a pretty popular brand of grill, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding an option designed for your model. These aftermarket lids will help to lock in that heat a little bit better.

If protecting your grill when it is outside is all that matters to you, then you can purchase covers (see Amazon) that you can place over the whole of the Blackstone Grill. Although, of course, these covers can’t be used while the grill is hot. They would just melt.


Do you need a grill lid when BBQing?

In most cases, no. Grill lids are only really used when you heating up thicker cuts of meat. If you are heating up sausages, burgers, or thin steaks, then a grill lid is not necessary.

How can you ensure even heating of meat without a grill lid?

You can make your own small grill lid out of foil. Some people will shape foil and place it around the thicker cuts of meat. This, essentially, creates a mini oven for the meat. 

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