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There’s something about the flavor of hardwood-flavored barbeque that cannot be replicated by a gas grill. While most modern grills are gas-powered for convenience and portability, there’s a line of contemporary pellets powered Traeger grills that promise to bring smoke-infused food to the table.

Grilling enthusiasts often ask ‘how much does a Traeger grill cost’. There are over 20 different models of Traeger grills ranging between $299 for small portable models and $9855 for the commercial trailers. The Pro-series starts from $799, Ironwood series from $1,199, and the Timberline series from $1,799.

Despite the high cost, the Traeger grills are extremely sought after as they bring together the three main elements of barbeque – fire, smoke, and meat. There are low-cost competitors like the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX for $499 and Z Grills ZPG-700D for $599, but the performance of Traeger is incomparable.

With the perfect blend of a traditional barbeque, they conjure up delicacies that are beyond delicious and addictive. Even if you are a beginner or an amateur, working with a Traeger Timberline 850 in the backyard makes you feel like a pro.

Unique Features and Specifications

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

  • Dial Temperature Control for better
  • WiFIRE Technology for connectivity
  • PRO D2 Direct Drive for improved searing
  • TURBOTEMP for fast start-up

Traeger Ironwood 650

  • Ironwood D2 Controller
  • Pellet Sensor
  • WiFIRE Technology
  • TurboTemp for fast start-up
  • Ironwood D2 Direct Drive
  • Double side-wall insulation

Traeger Timberline Series 850

  • Timberline D2 Controller
  • WiFIRE Technology
  • Pellet Sensor
  • Timberline D2 Direct Drive
  • TurboTemp
  • Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Three tiers of stainless steel grates
  • Double-wall stainless steel interior
  • Concealed Grease Management System

Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Vs Charcoal And Gas Grills

With Traeger’s 6-in-1 capacity, you can grill, bake, smoke, roast, braise, and barbeque with traditional hardwood flavor. A high-end grill from Traeger, with all the bells and whistles will cost about $1699. Also, let’s not forget the cost of proprietary wood pellets used for burning wood-fired cookers.

This adds extra cost that should not be ignored. A 20-pound bag of wood pellets will cost around $19 and it gives 6-20 cooking hours (high to low heat). If you compare that with a liquid propane tank of 20-pound at $24, it can power two gas burners (30,000 BTU) for about 7.2 hours at high heat.

Charcoal briquettes used in a charcoal grill are comparatively inexpensive, and they may be sued for grilling fast or slow. The lump charcoal briquettes are slightly more expensive per pound, but they burn quicker and hotter. Other than fuel, there are no other extra expenses associated with a charcoal grill.

Besides the difference in cost, food cooked in gas and charcoal grills cannot compare with the supreme hardwood flavor. The cutting-edge controllers used in Traeger models take your cooking skills to the next level with perfect temperature control, simpler start-up, and no flare-ups.

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10 Reasons To Get A Traeger Grill

If you want to get a new grill, but are confused between a Traeger grill and other models due to the ‘cost’ factor, then here are some reasons that explain why the former is a better option. Let’s take a look at them:

#1. You don’t need to babysit the Traeger grills

If you are looking for a set and forget option then the Traeger grills fit the bill just perfectly. It allows you to cook food slowly in wood-flavored smoke for a long period of time. You just need to ensure that the hopper has sufficient fresh wood pellets to feed the firebox.

Even without your presence, the grill will maintain a steady temperature. You can set up the grill and do other jobs around the house without worrying about it, something that you cannot do with other grilling models. 

#2. No more worrying about flare-ups

Anyone who has used gas grilled fueled by liquid propane knows the risk of flare-ups that can often cause accidents. The flames may get too hot and high, completely charring or burning out the food. Thus, you are required to keep a very close eye on your propane grill.

When you use the Traeger grilling system, you can benefit from the even heat distribution and indirect heating system that prevents flare-ups.

#3. Smoky flavor sorted

This one is for those who are ever mesmerized by the idea of smoky flavored food. Get the pure and original wood flavor by investing in a well-built Traeger Grills TFB57PZBO Pro Series that costs a little over $652 at the time of writing.

As the wood pellets used in these grills are sawdust made from various types of woods, the food gets infused with pure and original wood flavor. Contrary to the other grilling systems, you don’t require adding wood chips separately to achieve a smoky flavor.

#4. Cooking food evenly

If you have been using charcoal grills all your life, you are probably familiar with the constant struggle of leveling the charcoal to get even heating and avoid the hot spots. With a Traeger grill, you can overcome this problem once and for all.

The pellet grilling system comes with a fan that distributes the heat evenly throughout the grilling area, which is quite similar to a wood-fired oven. As a result, you get perfectly cooked food with an unbeatable hardwood flavor.

#5. Precise temperature control

The gas and charcoal grills come with gauge for temperature control, but they do not offer accurate results. The Traeger grills on the other hand, functions as an oven so it’s much easier to get precise temperature settings.

Several tests have shown that the temperature control system used in the Traeger grill is accurate in most cases. While the expensive models have full-fledged temperature control, the low-cost pellet grills come with low, medium, and high settings only.

#6. Enhancing flavors is easier

If you fancy changing or enhancing the flavors in the food to impress your guests then nothing does this better than the Traeger grill. Switching between the different types of flavors in this grill is as easy as changing pellets in the hopper.

You just need to order differently flavored hardwood pellets such as hickory, maple, cherry, mesquite, apple, and oak flavors. Visit the Traeger’s website to find the most suitable hardwood flavors for the different types of foods.

#7. Neat appearance of a gas grill

Do you like the neat and stylish appearance of a gas grill? With Traeger grill, you get the added advantage of good looks. While it functions in a similar way as a smoker, it has the appearance and feel of a gas-powered grill. So, you get the performance of a smoker with a contemporary and stylish appearance of a gas grill.

#8. Cooking different types of food

If you have a large family or you like organizing barbeque parties for friends with varying tastes, a Traeger grill allows you to grill different types of food other than meat. The precise temperature control feature allows you to make fruit pies that you cannot imagine with a propane-fired grill.

As you get more even heating, you can also grill soft and delicate fruits and vegetables without charring them.

#9. You get peace of mind

The pellet grills don’t come cheap and when you spend that amount of money, you seek assurance for quality that you get with Traeger. The brand has been around for a few decades and they have earned a solid reputation with good performance and good customer service.

No matter which model you order, you may expect the replacement parts to be easily available online for a foreseeable future. They have good reviews for longevity and staying durable for a long time if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

#10. Save clean up time post cooking

No one likes cleaning the mess after a good grilling session. The innovative design of Traeger grills makes it easier to clean when compared to other pellet grill options. It comes with a grease collecting tray and easy to clean parts for added convenience.

Furthermore, the hardwood pellets generate a very small amount of ash when compared to the charcoal grills. This also reduces the cleaning time after use.

Reasons To Not Buy A Traeger Grill

Good things in life don’t come cheap, hence a Traeger grill is also going to cost you a good lot of money. There may be a few scenarios when a wood pellet grill may not be the best option available for you. To help you make a fair and unbiased decision, we have listed 3 reasons to not get a Traeger Grill.

#1. If you don’t have an electrical outlet in the backyard

If you prefer grilling in the backyard or campsite that does not have an electric source, a Traeger wood pellet grill may not be a suitable option for you. Unlike a gas grill that runs from a propane tank and a small battery that lights up the grill, a Traeger grill is powered by electricity.

The various operating systems of a Traeger grill, from the auger and circulating fan to the temperature control mechanism is powered by electricity.

#2. Indirect source of heating

If you are the kind of grilling enthusiast that loves a direct heat method that leaves meat slightly charred and seared then this may not be the right option for you. The Traeger is more suitable for those who prefer a cooking system that’s more inclined towards the smoky side.

If you would still like to get a Traeger grill and enjoy a seared steak too, we suggest using a skillet frying pan to cook the steak with a little oil before finishing it off with the Traeger grill.

#3. High cost of fuel and power consumption

We have already discussed above that the wood pellets used in Traeger grills are much more expensive than charcoal and propane. When you use wood pellets, expect to spend as much as $3 in each grilling session. When compared with other fuel sources, propane is significantly less expensive and charcoal falls in the mid-price range.

You may find some cheap wood pellets in the market such as pine softwood pellets. However, be aware of these as they burn much faster than hardwood and they may induce unwanted contaminants and chemicals to the food.

Which Traeger Grill Should You Get

The starting to mid-range Traeger grills are good for people who want to try wood pellet grills for the first time in their life. With models like Lil Tex Elite 22-Inch Wood Pellet Grill, you can grill about 15 burgers at a time, hence it’s good for a family.

If you have an extended family or you like to entertain friends at your home often, get one of the Pro Series models. They can easily accommodate anywhere between 32 and 40 burgers at a time in their upper and lower racks.

The above Traeger grills come with temperature control and some advanced features too. However, if you need a more precise temperature control then you may need to invest in the more expensive Traeger models from the Timberline Series.

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