Why Do Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Go Together?



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Yes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, the two classic comfort foods of all times often feel like a match made in heaven. Any time of the day, you want to simply dunk and slurp up bliss, you may make these foods to satisfy your hunger. Just like bacon and eggs, this is a classic combination that has been popular for decades.

Has it ever crossed your mind—why do grilled cheese and tomato soup go so well together? Is it in the genes of American people to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich with soup almost every day for breakfast? We did a bit of research in a bid to find an answer to this.

After extensive research on the internet, we found that the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup combo was first created to provide a balanced and healthy meal. Besides the amazing nutritional benefits, the creamy tomato soup also perfectly complements the grilled cheese sandwich.

The smooth tomato soup has a heavenly texture and it absorbs readily into bread too. To eat it the correct way, you need to dunk the bread pieces into the soup to let it soak up a bit of soup so that you can enjoy mouthfuls of sheer scrumptiousness.

Apart from the delightful taste you have grown up knowing, many other reasons make this such a popular combination.

It’s so easy to prepare that anyone with minimum cooking skills can make it.

All you need is readily available items at home to prepare this gourmet dish.

It takes a few minutes to prepare if you are using canned tomato soup and a little longer if you are making the soup at home. Anyhow, it’s a very convenient and quick meal.

It tastes rich, creamy, and divine—the perfect comfort food when you are missing your home or feeling low.

The tomato soup can be made three days in advance and stored in the freezer to be reheated and used whenever you feel like it.

However, you must be careful to not let the bread over absorb in the soup, or else it may turn soggy. Some health experts believe that this classic combination is not the best food to consume if you are trying to stay fit or watch your weight. Let’s find out why and what alternatives are available.

Customary Ways of Enjoying Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Most people opt to go for canned tomato soup that can be made at home with a variety of other ingredients such as basil and cilantro. You can also cook your tomato soup right from scratch with garden-fresh sliced tomatoes, dried onion, garlic, thyme, and stock for a more aromatic and freshly prepared soup.

The grilled cheese sandwich is generally made from a premium quality white bread or white pan loaf that has a golden, toasted, crunchy exterior that feels crispy as you bite into it with a more tender and melted cheese inside.

The white bread must be cut to  perfect thickness and toasted with butter on the exterior and with a slice of cheese in the middle. For the best results, we recommend using old white or orange cheddar cheese cut into thin slices.

Some people prefer using mayonnaise instead of butter, while others like to plump up the ingredients for a more tummy-filling cheese sandwich. A few options are grilled chicken pieces, bacon, spinach, roasted vegetables, and many more ingredients  of your own choice.

Also, when grilling the bread, you must make sure that the pan is hot enough before you put in the bread slices. It must be grilled on a medium flame to get the perfect crust.

A Healthier Alternative

When you want the same comfort food, but don’t want to give in to all that cheese and cream then we suggest you check out this healthier alternative. In this recipe, the same flavors are used and turned into something more delicious—yet lower in calories.

As a start, you can substitute the white bread with a healthier and wholesome brown bread. Instead of smearing butter on the outsides, you can use a little cooking spray and put the sandwich in a non-stick skillet or waffle iron to cook for five minutes.

For cheese, you can try some alternatives such as light cream cheese or reduced-fat American cheese to cut back on the calories. Some other options can be fresh mozzarella or provolone. i If you prefer a vegan option, try out plant-based vegan cheese.

Now, for the healthier version of the tomato soup, we suggest you prepare the roasted tomato soup at home. Pre-heat the oven and roast slices of tomatoes before blending them with ingredients like basil, salt, and pepper.

When done and ready, add two tablespoons of low-fat Greek yogurt instead of cream to the tomatoes.  You can still enjoy the same creamy and rich flavor without feeling guilty. You may also add a few grilled potatoes and herbs to your tomato soup to get a smoother and richer texture without using cream.

How much time does it take to prepare this meal?

If you are making tomato soup right from scratch, it will take you about 20 minutes—5 minutes of high heat cooking and 15 minutes of simmering to get the juices flowing. You may utilize this time to prepare the grilled cheese sandwich to go with the soup.

Can I freeze tomato soup?

If you have made extra tomato soup, you can freeze it for three days. It reheats well to give you a quick, delicious and nutritious meal when you are hungry. However, a grilled cheese sandwich tastes best when freshly made.

What else can I pair up with grilled cheese and tomato soup?

If you are looking for some extra sides to go with your classic meal, then some options include fruit salad, coleslaw, sweet potato fries, marmalade, chutney, ketchup, and salad.

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