How to Light a Gas Grill without Ignitor (5 Steps)



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There are many people who use a gas grill as a safe alternative to a charcoal model. If you have a full gas tank it will provide you with enough fuel for winter cooking. You should light and use your grill outdoors in a well ventilated area. Ventilation is important as trapped gas may ignite and cause an explosion.

So, how can you light a gas grill without Ignitor? You can light up your grill manually by using a lighter. It can be daunting but if you follow all the instructions then you can do it safely and easily. However, you need to note that different models have different instructions.

This article will look at how to light a grill manually and whether it is safe, the advantages of a grill and other topics to ensure you are more knowledgeable on the topic.

How to light a gas Grill Manually

You can easily light up your gas grill even if the Ignitor is not working. Below is a step by step guide on how to do it using a lighter:

  • Open the grill lid
  • Ensure that all the control knobs are off
  • Turn the tank valve counterclockwise to put the gas on
  • Control the knob to start the gas and place the lighter near the burner.
  • If the burner fails to ignite within five seconds turn it off and give it five minutes to allow the gas to clear before trying again.

Are Gas Grills Safe?

Gas grills are safe when used properly. However, you need to be aware that they can explode if the gas valve is left on. There will be gas buildup and it might end up igniting if there is a flame. Moreover, if the temperatures are over 160 degrees, it may cause increase in pressure inside the tank and it could exceed the tanks safety valve’s capacity. When the valve can no longer hold, it may lead to an explosion; however, such instances are rare.

Is it Safe to use Gas Grill Indoors?

There is no problem if you use your gas grill indoors. It is safe unlike a charcoal grill that will lead to accumulation of gases inside the house. Nonetheless, you should ensure you have proper ventilation in the room. You should also be careful to ensure it is not backed up by a wall or near anything flammable.

Can A Gas Grill Explode?

It is highly unlikely that your gas cylinder will explode unless under extreme conditions. The chances that your gas will explode is 1 in 37 million according to the US Department of Energy. That means if you have connected the gas properly to your grill then the chances of an explosion to happen are almost zero. Typically, the reason for explosion might be two things:

  • Extreme temperatures around the tank.
  • Gas being left on and then ignited by a flame source.

Things to Consider before buying a Gas Grill

The process of buying a new gas grill can be overwhelming. There are different variables and options to consider including price, material, durability, size, and features.


As you know, you will get what you pay for. There are many grills in the market with different price ranges. Knowing how much you want to spend will help you narrow down the choices. Stick to your budget to avoid buying an expensive that will overstep your budget.

Grill Size

You will choose the grill size depending on the items you want to grill and the space that you have. Will you be cooking hot dogs or a turkey? Will you place the grill indoors or outdoors? Moreover, you want to know whether you want a side burner, the multiple level cooking surfaces, light, rotisserie burner, and any other features that will suit your needs.


You should be specific as you choose your materials. The quality of the materials and the thickness of the metal will play a very huge role in determining how long your grill will last. Stainless steel burners tend to last long and are very easy to clean.


When it comes to the kind of fuel, you will choose between natural gas and propane. While natural gas is expensive it will save you money in the long run. Lower priced grills may not support natural gas.

Benefits of a Gas Grill


The best way for you to stay outside even during the cold season is to have a gas grill as you roast your meat. As long as there is evenly spread ventilation, you will be able to stay outside for hours. You will have more time to enjoy the fresh air as you converse with family and friends.


One important aspect of a gas grill is the convenience it creates. When using the grill to cook, all you need is to flare it up and you will ready in a short time. Charcoal grills will take time to start and you will have to maintain it from time to time. With a gas grill you can adjust the temperature and choose how many burners to light.

Great Taste

If you have the right gas grill, then you will enjoy food with the best taste. Most of the gas grills have flavorizer bars that vaporize liquids and fats creating a familiar taste that everyone will enjoy.


Most of the gas grills are aesthetically appealing and they will be a great addition to your backyard. When lit, they produce a natural flame that is very appealing and refreshing to watch especially in the dark. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any design and theme.


Though all cooking appliances have some safety concerns, the gas grill is the safest. Nonetheless, you should be responsible and be in compliance with all the safety recommendations. Gas grills have several safety advantages including the following:

  • There are no coal leftovers after you are done grilling.
  • You can extinguish a gas grill instantly.
  • Gas grills do not flare up.
  • You can control the heat of gas grills using a burner knob.


If you are using a gas grill then you will be able to easily move around with it. The portability aspect will depend greatly on the size of the gas. As much as propane grills are portable, you should never try to move them while they are in use.  

Child Safety Rules

As a responsible adult, you should be careful and establish safety rules if you have children in the house. A good rule is that no one under the age of fifteen should operate the grill. Never allow a small kid to replace the gas tanks as they may injure themselves in the process. Additionally, the grill should not be in a high traffic area. This is to ensure that the kids or pets do not knock it down by accident.

What to Do If Your Gas Grill Is Spoilt

You need to know that after a while some parts of your grill will have to be replaced as they wear and tear. By replacing the spoilt parts you will keep the grill burning hot, efficient, and warm. Get a professional to replace the valves, switches, igniters, and the regulators. There are small repairs that you can do yourself like removing the gas valve and getting rid of the dust which accumulates over time.

For reassembly, ensure you seek the services of a professional as they will reattach every part properly. When dealing with a gas and electric heater, a simple mistake could be catastrophic.

If your grill does not light and burn properly then you probably have an ignition problem. The problem could be a loose wire, worn-out spark, dirt on the igniter tip, corrosion, dead battery, or other connections problems. If you are unable to figure out the problem by yourself, seek the services of a professional.

Can I hook up my natural gas to my propane grill?

Yes, but there needs to be several modifications. Do not try to do this without the help of a qualified gas technician for safety reasons.

Are gas grills better than charcoal grills?

It is all a matter of preference. However, it is easier to control temperatures when using a gas grill than a charcoal one. Additionally, gas grills are energy efficient and better for the environment.

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