Grill Pan vs. Skillet: Here Are The Differences



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If you want to eat home grilled meat and you do not have the time to wait in line, then you should acquire appropriate appliances that will help you grill in the comfort of your kitchen. It is not hard to master this cooking technique. Nonetheless, you understand tricks and use secrets that will help you grill better.

Now, the question begs, which is better between a grill pan and a skillet? Of course, the choice will depend on what you require. Before making up your mind there are a few points you need to consider and know the difference between a skillet and a grill pan. The chief difference between the two is the surface that they feature. Skillets have a flat surface whereas the grill pan does not. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages that provide you the possibility to handle different meals depending on what you want.

This article will look at the difference between the two, advantages, and disadvantages of each, and other related issues about the topic.


Skillets are often referred to as frying pans. Normally they have a round shape and are used for searing, sautéing, and shallow frying. Most of them are made from cast iron but there are several in the market including copper, ceramic, steel, and aluminum ones.

Pros of a Skillet

  • Taste – cooking using a frying pan ensures that food maintains its original taste. Cooking food quickly in small portions makes it taste better than cooking it for long durations.
  • Size – a skillet that has portions is not too big or too shallow making sure that the ingredients are blended just right. It makes it easier to cook in sections as it is a quick process.
  • Easy to Maintain – it is quite easy to maintain a skillet. If you get one that is made from stainless steel and has a non-stick coating it becomes very easy to clean it. However, you need to e very careful when you are cooking in overheated temperatures.

Cons of a Skillet

  • Oil Use – mostly when using a skillet to cook you will have to use cooking oil. The disadvantage is cleaning the oil from the pan. You need to ensure that your frying pan has a non-stick coating.
  • Attention – while cooking on a frying pan you need to give special attention. Food cooked in a frying pan gets ready in minutes and if you are not attentive there is the risk of burning.
  • Cooking Temperature – high cooking temperatures will lead to burning and you have to be very particular with temperature.
  • Safety Issue – no matter how convenient a frying pan is, many people tend to ignore the safety features. The fumes produced may cause increased health risks such as respiratory disease and bone disorder.

Grill Pan

A grill pan is a cooking appliance that is very similar to a frying pan. However, it has a unique design that is meant to serve a completely different purpose. It has raised edges that aid in easier cooking. Nonetheless, the most prominent feature is the grill lines that are one to two centimeters apart.

Moreover, the grill lines are raised 0.5 centimeters high and this helps the juice from food to trickle down. Most grill pans have a non-stick surface and this ensures food cooks without sticking.

Pros of a Grill Pan

  • Saves time by grilling more food at a time – a grill pan is large and spacious and you will be able to cook more food in one go. Subsequently, you will be able to cook meat together with vegetables in the same [pan without washing it over.
  • Pan has ridges for collecting fatsgrill pans have ridges that allow juices and fats fro meat to drop off. This ensures meat does not boil in its own juices and allows you to collect the juice for sauce.
  • Allows Healthy Cooking – they are safe to use and allow you to cook a variety of meals and still maintain the full flavor of food.
  • Allows Indoor Cooking – it works perfectly well in all indoor cooking surfaces and you do not need to use an outdoor grill. You will be able to enjoy chargrilled steaks in the comfort of your kitchen.

Cons of a Grill Pan

  • They create a lot of smoke which is not ideal indoors
  • The taste is quite different from that of outdoor grilling.
  • It can be difficult to balance especially if you are using a double burner as the pan will not heat evenly.
  • It is hard cleaning them, especially between the grills.
  • Not all meats are easy to cook on the grill pans.

Difference between A Grill Pan And Skillet

The main difference between a grill pan and a skillet lies in the surface. Whereas skillets have a flat surface, grill pans do not.

Can You Use a Skillet Instead of a Grill Pan?

If you do not have a grill pan you can use your skillet instead. Unlike the grill pan a skillet is deeper and has a bigger diameter and it is ideal for shallow frying vegetables, meat, browning, and sautéing. Ensure the skillet is well heated, and well-seasoned to cook your burgers and steaks like a pro.

Can You Use a Skillet on a Grill?

Yes, you can use a skillet on a grill. It works the same way as it would on your kitchen’s stovetop. You just have to place it directly on the grill’s grates and let it get ripping hot. Pour one or two tablespoons of oil into the skillet and wait till it starts smoking. Your grill will act as the stove.

How do you grill on a Skillet?

Before grilling on your skillet, you need to follow the following steps.

1. Rinse and dry the Skillet

Quickly rinse the skillet with warm water before using it. After rinsing dry it using a clean cloth and this will get rid of all the dirt.

2. Preheat the skillet on medium temperature

Allow the skillet to heat for about five minutes. This ensures the skillet heats evenly.

3. Cut your meat into small slices

Because you want your meat to cook evenly without burning make sure the meat is in small pieces.

4. Brush the meat with a little Oil

Before placing the meat on the skillet, brush some oil on it. This will ensure that the meat does not stick on the pan. Ensure that the oil you use has a high smoking point. Do not use olive oil as it has low smoking point.

Which skillet is best for high heat cooking?

The best frying pan to use for high heat cooking is the aluminum Skillet as it heats evenly and does not burn your food even when hot. Additionally, aluminum is non-stick and it is easy to clean.

Is grilling meat healthier than frying?

Grilling Meat is healthier than frying food as grilled meat will have reduced fat content. This is because the fat will drip as you grill. Additionally, the grilled meat has lower calorie content than when you fry it.

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