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Like any other electric appliance, you need to follow the basic safety precautions while operating it. So, if you ask me ‘can electric grill get wet’ the plain answer is No. They should not, ideally. You should take care to never put the plugs, cords, or any heating element in water or liquid.

However, let’s take the scenario that it’s raining outside and you plan to do some outdoor grilling. Does that sound like a good plan gone kaput? Well, if you don’t want weather to come in the way of fun, then I have a way to help you grill in the rain without letting your electric smoker get wet.

However, please bear in mind that this can only work through light and medium showers. In this post, we will show you a way to enjoy an outdoor grilling cookout without violating the safety norms. We will also discuss what you can do if rain water gets into the grills or you accidentally get the grills wet.

Grilling In The Rain Without Getting Wet

Ideally, we would suggest that you use your electric grill in a patio with a roof above, but not everybody’s patio is big enough to accommodate. Some electric grills can be really big to fit into a small patio area.

The critical aspect to keep in mind is that rain and wet is not always the same. Even if it’s raining outside, you can take care to not get your grill or smoker wet. Similarly, even in a dry weather you must be careful about not brining wet utensils close to a smoker or touch the plug with your wet hands.

Keeping that in mind, it’s important that you pay attention to the weather forecast and daily condition before attempting to use your electric grill or smoker.

So, if you have a big patio or garage where you think you can conduct your grilling or smoking session with just a few spells of light rain or mist then you will be fine. However, if there is an extended stretch of rain or small spans of very heavy rain then you will certainly need to take more precautions.

Using an Electric Grill in the Rain

If there is no way to postpone or reschedule a cookout plan then you will need to put the meats on the grill on a wet day. However, there are quite a few things that you can do to ensure your safety and that of the equipment too.

You will need to start from a high level and put up a tent like this or something similar that can act as a shelter to block the rain drops from hitting the equipment. You will not want the shelter or tent to be so close to the grill that the heating element gets water into it or the equipment gets damaged. 

If you look online for grill accessories, you can find tents that are specially designed for grilling. They are fire retardant, water repellant, and also provide extra ventilation through the tiered roof design. These tents are perfect for covering the electric grill in rain as well as summer time.

The tent comes as a perfect protective gear if you have to do grilling in light drizzle or rain. However, please bear in mind that the tents may not be the ideal savior when it’s raining too hard. You may need to call off the plan and wait for some other day.

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Grill That’s Wet

Now, here’s a common scenario. It may not be raining now but you forgot to store your electric grill properly after using it last time. So, it rained and now the equipment is wet. Is it still safe to use? The simple answer is Yes.

The problem with using a wet electric grill is not the grill or smoker itself, but the control box that contains all the internal electronics of the cooker.

If have a well-built and expensive model then there will be a lot of protective resins and gaskets designed and built-in to keep out the water. So, theoretically, a little bit of rain should not be a problem. However, there still lurks a bit of risk factor because you do not know when a gasket may fail or the protective resins may not be applied correctly.

In most cases, the electric grill or smoker should be used like normal after it has rained. But this should be once in a while only. If you constantly forget your electric smoker or grill outside in the rain, you will risk ruining the device. 

What To Do If Grills Get Wet

Despite of following all safety regulations and the above tips, if the grills still get wet by mistake (due to rain or you accidentally spill water) then take the necessary action to dry the grill and put it back in shape. You will just need to follow the steps below:

#. Disconnect

First off, disconnect the device from main gas supply to prevent any leakage of release of the toxic and flammable gas. If the grill is hot then wait until it cools down.

#. Dismantle

Next, dismantle the various parts of the electric grill based on the manufacturer’s instructions in the user manual. Make sure you remove the grates that are on the top of the burner.

#. Dry off

After you are done with dismantling, take the wet grill grates and dry them out with a paper towel or soft cloth. Let it stay in open air until the grill is completely dried.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Safety!

Please remember that rain, food, and electrical gadgets have a love and hate relationship. While enjoying hot and spicy grilled food on a rainy day may be tempting, you may not want to put yourself unnecessarily into a risky situation. So, here are a few tips to stay safe:

The biggest tip of all time is to make sure that you store the electric appliance properly after use. We suggest that you get a grill cover to protect your investment. Most manufacturers sell a fitting cover for the models.

At least, you should have a designated place where you can keep the grill indoors after you are done with cooking outdoors. With just a simple step, you will save yourself a lot of headache and money too. Also, if you are so keen about using an electric grill even if it gets wet, consider investing in a BBQ canopy or a shelter that protects the grills from getting wet.

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