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For those living in an apartment or condo and craving to make delicious grilled food at home, an electric grill may prove to be a boon in disguise. Yet, readers of my blog and those who know that I have good knowledge about grilling often ask me, “are electric grills really worth it?”

Well, it’s hard to give one answer because, in my opinion, it depends on what grilling actually means for you. Most grilling enthusiasts around the world are divided in their opinion on this because some people feel that they are worth it while others don’t.

So, let’s take these cases one by one.

What People Say Against Using an Electric Grill

First off, let’s talk about those who argue that electric grills are not worth purchasing because they are faithful to the old-world style that involves the use of real flame and smoke while grilling. In an electric grill, none of this is used.

An electric grill is primarily a grill pan that does the job but without the soul of more traditional grills. For the connoisseurs, it’s that smoky flavor and charcoal aroma of grilled food that really creates the magic.

Many people even go to the extent of saying that using an electric grill actually contradicts the very purpose of outdoor grilling that we love so much. So, let’s check out some of the disadvantages or downsides of using an electric grill.

Disadvantages of Using an Electric Grill

We cannot deny the fact that electric grills, no matter how modern in their approach and appeal, lack the authenticity of an actual grilling experience. Depending on the brand, the model may be inconsistent in terms of the cooking experience and unable to adjust to the heat requirements of different recipes.

You should remember to read the reviews carefully when you are in the market to buy an electric grill and always pay attention to the type of warranties that are offered. Certain brands such as Weber are regarded as the most reliable in the industry, but there are also other industry legends such as Hamilton Beach.

There are also several new manufacturers coming up with reasonably priced electric grills with newer features and better heat controls. If they are well-rated, you may want to give them a try based on the customer reviews available.  

Another common downside of electric grills is that some models may take longer to heat up and achieve the desired level of temperature. However, their faster cooking time more than makes up for this issue.

What People Say in Favor of Using an Electric Grill

As mentioned above, some people do not have the luxury of using a lavish traditional grill due to small backyard or lack of any outdoor space. Those who live in apartments or in neighborhoods that have strict rules against using fire in outdoor cooking, an electric grill is the closest you can get.

While it’s true that you cannot get the same taste or aroma as traditional grilling equipment, you can still get the job done. It’s better than having no grill at all, plus there are some models that let you use a smoker box to infuse the meat with that smoky flavor.

Let’s take this further and discuss the perks of having an electric grill.

Benefits of Using an Electric Grill

Electric grills can heat up very well and in very little time, so it doesn’t take too long to cook your food. These devices are also available in a variety of sizes and different capacities to cook anything from a meal for two to food for a group of friends coming to visit.

The most basic type of grills is a contact grill, such as the George Foreman grill, which take up less space on the kitchen countertop. They can also substitute oven cooking, and some models can even be used as a panini press.

We would recommend the George Foreman Rapid Grill Series RPGV3801BK that comes in a stunning black color and with removable grill plates. The grates have a nice non-stick coating, so after you are done cooking, you can simply pop them in the dishwasher.

Besides its non-stick coating and multiple uses, the grill also preheats 30% faster than any other model and comes with an adjustable temperature control. The temperature slider allows you to get perfectly grilled meat or veggies every time.

Other than the above advantages, electric grills are also very environment friendly as they do not release any toxic substances into the air. If you are watching your weight, then you will be thrilled to know that electric grills are also known to melt off 40% more fat from meat.

Whether you want to keep a count on your calories, or you are an athlete on a diet who still likes to indulge at times, we would recommend that you opt for the best all-electric grill out there – The Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill.

This is an indoor electric grill that comes with a viewing window and an easily removable non-stick plate. There is also an extra-large drip tray that accumulates any fat, sauce, and juices dripping from the meat. It allows you to sear meat and veggies at 450 degrees, locking all the juices and flavors within.

There is an indoor grill hood with a window that lets you see the food being cooked inside. The non-stick cooking grate has enough area to accommodate all your BBQ food and burgers, plus we like the grill marks it leaves on the meat. This product also works great with Keto and Paleo diets.

Which brand of electric grill has the highest possible temperature?

If you are looking for an electric grill with the hottest temperature, then it would invariably be a Weber. Weber grills comprise of aluminum heat retention liners that help in achieving a higher temperature and maintaining it for long periods of time. It also leaves some really nice grill marks on the food, too.

Can I use an electric grill on my balcony?

Yes, if you do not have a backyard or patio, a compact electric grill is the best option for you. Some electric grill models are specially built for apartments and condos to help you smoke your food in a similar fashion to a charcoal grill, without any flame and without causing too much smoke.

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