9 Best Grill Spatulas of 2023: Your Ultimate Buying Guide



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Grilling enthusiasts know that a great spatula is an essential tool for perfecting those mouthwatering burgers, steaks, and veggies on the grill.

With so many options available, it’s crucial to find one that meets your needs in terms of durability, heat resistance, and ease of use. Here are the top 9 best grill spatulas recommended.

Top 9 Best Grill Spatulas

Quick Recommendation

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Comparison Table

Product NameHandle MaterialItem WeightItem Dimensions LxWxHMaterial
Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools SetPlastic1.69 Pounds7.5 x 17.6 x 1.6 inchesSteel
OXO Good Grips Fish TurnerPlastic1.6 ounces14 x 4 x 2.5 inchesStainless steel
Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Grill Set SpatulaStainless Steel, Silicone4.1 Pounds17.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inchesStainless-Steel
Outset QB22 Rosewood Collection Oversized Grill SpatulaWood15.2 ounces1.5 x 3 x 21.75 inchesRosewood, Stainless Steel
Tongs Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set with Wooden HandlesWood3.72 pounds10.8 x 16.7 x 3.5 inchesWood, Stainless Steel
Cave Tools Stainless Steel BBQ SpatulaStainless Steel12 ounces17.8 x 4.33 x 1.46 inchesStainless Steel
WolfWise 35-Inch Stainless Steel Grilling SpatulaStainless Steel0.051 ounces2.5 x 4.5 x 18 inchesStainless Steel
Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Stainless Steel Large SpatulaStainless Steel0.051 ounces2.5 x 4.5 x 18 inchesStainless Steel
GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Stainless Steel TurnerPlastic12.8 ounces1.5 x 1.75 x 20 inchesStainless Steel

1. Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools Set

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Grill Tools for Serious BBQ Enthusiasts.


  • Durable steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable plastic handles for a secure grip
  • Includes essential grilling tools in one set
  • Convenient size and weight for easy handling
  • Manufactured by trusted brand Grillaholics
  • Highly rated by over 1,400 satisfied customers

The Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools Set is perfect for grilling enthusiasts seeking to elevate their outdoor cooking game. This stainless steel 4-piece set comes with a spatula, tongs, fork, and basting brush that are designed to endure high heat and make grilling effortless.

The set’s non-locking springless tong design is a standout feature that eliminates the annoyance of them locking shut and wearing out over time. The tools are also made with high-quality professional-grade stainless steel ensuring their durability and preventing rust and bending even under pressure. The long, non-slip plastic grips protect users from extreme flame temperatures.

At an affordable price, these grill tools are comprehensive and stylish, making them suitable for any outdoor event or camping adventure. They are user-friendly and constructed with expertise in quality, guaranteeing reliability for years to come. With the “Grillaholics Promise” of satisfaction guaranteed, the Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools Set is a must-have for any grill master.


  • Hassle-free grilling with high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel tools
  • Non-locking, springless tongs maintain tension for years to come
  • All-in-one kit includes spatula, tongs, fork and basting brush for any occasion
  • Dishwasher safe and perfect for gifting to the avid grill master


  • The set only includes four basic tools, so it may not meet the needs of more advanced or particular grillers.
  • The grey color may show wear and tear over time, especially with heavy use in outdoor environments.
  • Some customers have reported that the spatula is a bit too flexible for their liking.

This product is ideal for backyard grill masters who want the best tools to help them achieve smoky perfection. Get Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools Set today and take your grilling skills from novice to pro!

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2. OXO Good Grips Fish Turner

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ideal for Effortless Seafood Transfers and Flipping.


  • Perfect for flipping delicate fish without breaking it
  • Soft, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Thin, flexible stainless steel head easily slides under food
  • Safe to use on non-stick cookware without scratching
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Comes with the OXO Better Guarantee for added peace of mind

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Fish Turner is an ideal kitchen tool for seafood lovers. Its beveled edge design and sturdy stainless steel head make it effortless to lift, turn, and transfer whole fish, filets, or seafood cakes.

The slot design in the head facilitates grease drainage while keeping the food intact. Its top-notch functionality and durability secure its position as No. 2 on our list of kitchen tools.

The soft-grip handle offers comfort during long usage and maintains a firm grip, even with wet or oily hands. This Fish Turner can withstand high temperatures without warping or bending, making it built to last. 


  • Grease drains easily through the slots in the head
  • Beveled edge makes it easier to slide under food
  • Oversized stainless steel head ensures durability and strength
  • Perfect for lifting, turning, and transferring a variety of seafood dishes


  • May be too large for smaller pans
  • Not suitable for non-stick cookware
  • Some users may find the handle too heavy

This OXO Good Grips Fish Turner is perfect for aspiring seafood chefs and professional cooks alike who need help with seamlessly transferring fish, filets and more. If you’re looking to make delicious, restaurant-quality meals with ease then this is the tool for you – get it today!

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3. Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Grill Set Spatula

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Grill Set with Built-in Bottle Opener.


  • Made with high-quality stainless steel and silicone for durability and comfort
  • Includes a durable spatula for flipping burgers, steaks, and more on the grill
  • Comes in a deluxe set with other essential grilling tools
  • Large dimensions make it easy to handle even large cuts of meat
  • Made by trusted kitchen brand Cuisinart
  • Backed by positive customer reviews (4.6 out of 5 stars with over 3,000 ratings)

The Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Grill Set Spatula is a 14-piece stainless steel grill set that provides style, durability, and functionality for any grilling enthusiast looking to enhance their outdoor cooking experience. Its elongated handles ensure optimal comfort and control during use, while handle rings allow you to hang your tools with ease. 

The chef’s spatula with its built-in bottle opener stands out in this set, ideal for keeping your drinks flowing during backyard BBQ parties. The set contains other vital components such as grill tongs, silicone basting brush, corn holders, cleaning brush, extra brush head, and an aluminum storage case for on-the-go grilling. It is our No. 3 pick as the Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Grill Set offers exceptional value with its durable stainless-steel construction and a bonus Omaha Steaks Gift Reward Card. 

Owning this comprehensive outdoor culinary resource backed by a reputed brand like Cuisinart will undoubtedly enhance your grilling experience, and it is an investment that no grilling enthusiast should miss!


  • Built-in bottle opener for added convenience
  • Elongated handles and handle rings for easy handling and storage
  • Durable stainless steel construction ensures longevity of use
  • Comes with an aluminum storage case, perfect for on-the-go grilling


  • The spatula’s built-in bottle opener is not very sturdy and may break easily.
  • The elongated handles can make it difficult to maneuver some of the tools on smaller grills or in tight spaces.
  • While the aluminum storage case is convenient, it may be too bulky for some users to store or transport easily.

This Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Grill Set Spatula is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who wants convenience and top-quality grilling. With its stainless steel construction, built-in bottle opener, and convenient handles, this product will take your backyard BBQs to the next level. Get one today!

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4. Outset QB22 Rosewood Collection Oversized Grill Spatula

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Grill with confidence using extra-long, heat-resistant tongs


  • Oversized spatula perfect for grilling larger foods
  • Made with high-quality rosewood and durable stainless steel
  • Extra-long handle to keep hands away from the heat
  • Polished finish adds a touch of elegance to your grilling setup
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Trusted brand, Outset, ensures top-notch quality and performance

The Outset QB22 Rosewood Collection Oversized Grill Spatula is a stylish and functional tool that is a must-have for any barbecue enthusiast. Its extra-long, 22-inch spatula is constructed from durable stainless steel and flaunts an elegant rosewood handle that provides heat resistance and comfort during prolonged use.

The locking mechanism enables compact storage, and its ergonomic design ensures optimal control when handling food on the grill. With well-balanced weight distribution, flipping burgers or turning steaks becomes effortless. Investing in this spatula will elevate your grilling experience from ordinary to exceptional by delivering comfort, durability, and style. It’s perfect for all outdoor cooking adventures, and it makes an ideal present for weddings or housewarming parties.

In conclusion, the Outset QB22 Rosewood Collection Oversized Grill Spatula is the perfect companion for all your outdoor barbeque needs, delivering outstanding performance along with a touch of sophistication.


  • Extra long size keeps your hands safe from heat
  • Convenient locking mechanism for easy storage in smaller spaces
  • Naturally heat-resistant rosewood handles provide optimal comfort and control
  • Durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting use and easy cleaning


  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Rosewood handles require extra care and maintenance
  • Higher price point compared to other grill spatulas

The Outset QB22 Rosewood Collection Oversized Grill Spatula is a must-have for grilling enthusiasts. Its extra-long size, heat-resistant rosewood handles, and stainless steel construction provide a secure and comfortable grip on meals. Invest today and elevate your grilling game!

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5. Tongs Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set with Wooden Handles

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate BBQ Companion: Complete 22 Pc Grill Accessories Set


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and longevity.
  • Wooden handles provide a comfortable grip while grilling.
  • Includes a spatula for flipping burgers and other foods on the grill.
  • Large size, measuring 10.8 x 16.7 x 3.5 inches, provides ample space for big grilling jobs.
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use on BBQs and grills.
  • Easy to clean after use, making it perfect for avid grillers.

The Tongs Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set with Wooden Handles by Home-Complete is an essential kitchen toolset for serious outdoor grilling enthusiasts. The 22-piece comprehensive set includes high-quality stainless steel tools that are rust-resistant and long-lasting. The standout feature of this set is the wooden riveted handles that provide a comfortable grip while you cook with ease.

Included is a basting brush that allows for effortless seasoning of steaks, while the tongs make flipping burgers or hot dogs a breeze. With four steak knives included, this versatile set has got you covered for every barbecue scenario. Storage is equally hassle-free thanks to the heavy-duty case that neatly organizes all the tools (except steak knives) and ensures portability for picnics or tailgating events. In summary, the Tongs Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set with Wooden Handles is an ideal gift for any avid griller or home cook looking to upgrade their toolbox.

Its practical functionality and attractive design makes it one of the top barbecue accessories on the market – perfect for Father’s Day celebrations, birthdays, or housewarming occasions.


  • Complete set of 22 high-quality barbecue accessories
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel with wooden riveted handles for a sleek look
  • Heavy-duty case for convenient storage and easy transport to picnics, camping, or tailgating
  • Perfect gift for any avid griller or cook, ideal for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers and more.


  • The set is quite large and may be bulky to store.
  • The wooden handles require proper maintenance to prevent cracking or warping.
  • Some users may not have a need for all of the included accessories, making the set less cost-effective.

The BBQ Grill Tool Set with Wooden Handles is perfect for home chefs who love grilling and cooking. The quality accessories make crafting creative and delicious meals effortless, whether for backyard grilling, camping or tailgating.

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6. Cave Tools Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Revolutionize Your Barbecue Game with This Three-in-One Spatula!


  • Made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting use
  • Extra-long handle to keep hands away from heat
  • Wide spatula head for easy flipping and turning of food
  • Built-in bottle opener for added convenience
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Versatile tool suitable for grilling, cooking, and serving.

The Cave Tools Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula is a durable and versatile tool for any grill master. Made with heavy-duty stainless steel, it won’t bend while flipping heavy cuts of meat. Its contoured tip makes lifting and flipping burgers easy, while the serrated edge allows for quick cutting.

The built-in bottle opener is a bonus for tailgating parties. This multifunctional spatula takes up minimal space and offers maximum utility, so there’s no need to carry separate tools like tongs or knives. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and features a wide hanging strap for convenient storage.

Additionally, Cave Tools provides step-by-step instructions on using their smoking accessories as well as 25 exclusive grilling recipes. The Cave Tools Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula is a must-have accessory for beginner or expert grillers who want convenience without sacrificing quality or performance.


  • 3 tools in 1: spatula, bottle opener, and serrated edge for easy flipping, opening bottles, and cutting food
  • Easy clean-up and storage with dishwasher-safe material and accompanying wide hanging strap for grill hooks
  • Comes with 25 step-by-step grilling recipes and tutorial videos to elevate your BBQ skills
  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel that won’t bend or break even when handling the heaviest pieces of meat.


  • May be too bulky or heavy for those who prefer lighter kitchen utensils
  • Serrated edge may not be as effective as a dedicated knife for some types of food cutting
  • Some buyers may find the price point too high compared to other BBQ spatula options on the market

The Cave Tools Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula offers three-in-one functionality, heavy-duty construction, easy clean-up, and compact design, making it a must-have for any busy grilling enthusiast!

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7. WolfWise 35-Inch Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Upgrade Your Grilling Game with a Durable and Comfortable Spatula!


  • Made of sturdy stainless steel material for durability and long-lasting use
  • Large 35-inch size makes it easy to handle food on the grill without getting too close to the heat
  • Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning after use
  • Round shape allows for versatile use, whether flipping burgers or stirring vegetables
  • Ergonomic handle design offers a comfortable grip while grilling
  • Manufactured by trusted brand Char-Broil, ensuring high quality and reliability

The WolfWise 35-Inch Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula is a tool that can enhance the outdoor cooking experience of any grill enthusiast. With a reach of 35 inches, this spatula allows for easy flipping and maneuvering on the grill without exposing hands to excessive heat.

Its stainless steel construction ensures easy cleaning and long-lasting durability, and the comfort-grip handle by Char-Broil minimizes hand fatigue during long BBQ sessions. Another standout feature is the slotted head design that permits excess grease or sauce to drain off quickly while cooking to keep flavors in your perfectly grilled meal.

If you’re looking for a high-quality grilling spatula that provides both convenience and performance benefits, then the WolfWise 35-Inch Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula with Char-Broil Comfort Grip Handle is the ideal choice.


  • Precise flipping and turning of food due to slotted head design
  • Comfortable non-slip grip handle for ease of use
  • Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher safe material


  • Not as long as other grilling spatulas on the market
  • Does not include a bottle opener or serrated edge like some competitors
  • Only available in one size, may not be suitable for larger grilling surfaces.

This WolfWise 35-Inch Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula is perfect for the serious outdoor griller. With its durable construction and Comfort-Grip Handle, it’s ideal for those who need optimal control of their grill. 

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8. Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Stainless Steel Large Spatula

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Effortless Grilling with a Comfortable Grip.


  • Made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting use.
  • Features a comfort-grip handle for easy and comfortable handling.
  • Large spatula head makes flipping and turning food on the grill a breeze.
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning after use.
  • Sleek round shape adds to its modern design and aesthetics.
  • Produced by reputable manufacturer Char-Broil, known for quality outdoor cooking equipment.

The Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Stainless Steel Large Spatula is an essential tool for every grilling enthusiast. Its slotted head makes it perfect for flipping burgers, steaks, and other grilled dishes, while its comfortable grip handle ensures effortless maneuvering on the grill.

The dishwasher-safe construction makes cleanup a breeze, and its large size is perfect for handling large cuts of meat or multiple items at once. Choosing the Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Stainless Steel Large Spatula means investing in both quality and convenience, two crucial factors in any cooking toolkit. This versatile spatula will make food preparation easier and keep things tidy during busy cookouts.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your grilling journey, don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your outdoor culinary experience with this premium-quality product from Char-Broil!


  • Effortlessly flip burgers, steak, and more with the slotted head design
  • Comfortable grip handle reduces hand fatigue during use
  • Made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting performance
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher saves time and effort


  • May be too large for some users’ preferences.
  • Stainless steel surface is prone to scratching if not cared for properly.
  • Not ideal for delicate or smaller food items due to the size of the spatula head.

The Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Stainless Steel Large Spatula is a must-have for grill enthusiasts with a slotted head, comfortable grip, and dishwasher-safe feature for convenience.

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9. GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Stainless Steel Turner

(Images Credits: Amazon)

20-inch Professional Extra Long Tong with Soft Grip Handle.


  • Made with durable stainless steel material for long-lasting use
  • Comes with a rubber grip handle for comfortable and secure handling when grilling
  • Measures 20 inches in length, providing ample reach for flipping and turning food on the grill
  • Dishwasher safe design makes cleaning up after grilling quick and easy
  • Features a polished finish that adds an attractive touch to any outdoor cooking setup
  • Manufactured in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

The GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Stainless Steel Turner is a must-have tool for the precise handling of grilled food. With an extra-long 20-inch length, the durable stainless steel turner ensures a safe distance from the heat while providing full control. Its soft grip rubber handle reduces slipping and discomfort, and the manual lock allows for convenient storage.

The GrillPro 40269 excels in maneuvering burgers, steaks, and delicate fish fillets on any grilling surface. Its well-balanced design caters to both professionals and home cooks, guaranteeing satisfaction beyond expectations. Durable and user-friendly, this turner simplifies the grilling process while producing outstanding results every time.

Whether you’re upgrading your outdoor cooking tools or seeking inspiration to enhance your BBQ experience, the GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Stainless Steel Turner offers exceptional value and reliability.


  • Allows for safe grilling from a distance with its extra long 20-inch length
  • Offers comfort and control while turning food with its soft grip rubber handle
  • Provides durability and easy maintenance with its stainless steel materials and easy-to-clean design
  • Enables secure gripping of various types of food thanks to its manual lock feature.


  • May be too long for some users
  • Rubber grip may wear down over time with heavy use
  • Tong may not have enough tension for very heavy items

The GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Stainless Steel Turner is a durable and reliable tool with an extra-long design, a soft grip rubber handle, and perfect for any outdoor griller.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Spatula For Grilling

When choosing a spatula for grilling, it is important to consider factors such as the material (stainless steel or silicone), size and shape (wide blade or slotted), durability, and heat resistance to ensure that you have the right tool for the job.


Choosing the right material for your grilling spatula is crucial, as it greatly impacts its performance and lifespan. Two popular options are silicone and metal spatulas, each offering unique benefits.

Silicone is a heat-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures without melting or warping. This makes it an excellent choice for grilling since you will be dealing with intense heat on the barbecue.

On the other hand, stainless steel spatulas offer exceptional durability and sturdiness. They are perfect for flipping heavier foods like burgers or steaks with ease thanks to their strong construction that resists bending under pressure.

Furthermore, they’re resistant to rust so they’ll last longer even if left outdoors near moisture frequently present in cooking areas like kitchens or BBQ counters.

Size And Shape

The size and shape of a grilling spatula significantly impact its performance and ease of use. When it comes to selecting the perfect barbecue spatula, consider the types of food you typically grill.

Some popular options include stainless steel spatulas for their durability and heat resistance or wooden handle spatulas that offer comfortable grip and insulation from the heat.

Flexible silicone scrapers are perfect for scraping off any residue on your grill plates, whereas heat-resistant non-stick spatulas prevent damage to coated surfaces. One great example is the OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Grilling Turner with Serrated Edge that boasts an indispensable design with superior flexibility and full tang construction.

The length of the handle on a spatula is crucial in grilling, allowing for a safe distance from the heat, easy maneuvering of food, and reduced risk of dropping food or utensils. A longer handle can also provide added convenience and control during the grilling process.


Durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the perfect spatula for grilling. A high-quality, durable spatula will not only last longer, but it’ll also withstand the rigors of regular use in high-heat environments without breaking, deforming, or becoming damaged.

For instance, the OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Grilling Turner with Serrated Edge is a top-rated stainless steel option that can handle tough grilling sessions while maintaining its shape and functionality over time.

Similarly, reliable BBQ tools such as offset spatulas provide an excellent balance of durability and ease of use due to their angled design built for added leverage during flipping tasks.

Heat Resistance

One important factor to consider when choosing a spatula for grilling is heat resistance. Since you will be working over hot flames and high temperatures, it is vital that your spatula can withstand the heat without melting or warping.

Look out for grill spatulas made from heat-resistant materials such as silicone, stainless steel, or wood.

A good example of a grill spatula with excellent heat resistance is the Wealers BBQ Grill Spatula. Made from thick stainless steel material and equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle, this heavy-duty tool stands up to extremely high temperatures while providing maximum comfort and maneuverability for flipping larger items like steaks or fish fillets over open flames.

Tips For Using A Spatula For Grilling

Using the right spatula can make a huge difference in your grilling experience, but it’s also important to use it properly.

Use The Right Spatula For The Job

To ensure a successful grilling experience, it’s important to use the right spatula for the job. A good grill spatula should be sturdy and versatile enough to flip burgers, cut meats, and tenderize vegetables.

Using the wrong type of spatula can result in damaged food or even injury. For example, using metal on non-stick surfaces can scratch and ruin the surface over time. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of your spatula depending on what you’re cooking – a larger spatula may work better for flipping burgers while a smaller one may be more suitable for delicate fish fillets.

Avoid Using Metal On Non-stick Surfaces

Using the right utensils is crucial when it comes to preserving your non-stick cookware. One of the top rules of using non-stick pans is to never use metal utensils on them, as they can easily scratch and damage the coating, making them less effective over time.

It’s also advisable to use a silicone-lined fish spatula when grilling on nonstick or enameled cast iron cooking surfaces. The flexible design allows you to get underneath delicate foods without damaging them, while the silicone lining ensures that the tool won’t scratch the surface of your pan or grill grate.

Clean And Maintain Your Spatula Properly

To ensure your grilling spatulas last for many BBQ seasons to come, it’s crucial to clean and maintain them properly. After each use, wash your spatula with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that could scratch the surface of your spatula.

Additionally, storing your spatulas in a dry place is just as important as cleaning them regularly. Leaving grilling utensils outdoors or exposing them to moisture could result in rust formation over time.

When not in use, store your spatulas indoors in a dry location away from humidity sources like windows or sinks.


In conclusion, the right grill spatula can make all the difference in your grilling experience.

Our top two recommendations for the best overall spatulas for grilling are the Grillaholics BBQ Grill Tools Set and OXO Good Grips Fish Turner. The durable steel construction and comfortable plastic handles of the Grillaholics set make it a great option for those who want to get everything they need in one package.

So whether you’re looking for a stainless steel spatula, flexible silicone spatula, or nonstick spatula – these two products are sure to exceed your expectations while adding value to your next barbecue party!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for in a grilling spatula?

When choosing a grilling spatula, consider the material it’s made of (such as stainless steel or silicone), the size and shape of the blade (thin and flexible or thick and rigid), and any additional features like serrated edges or built-in bottle openers.

2. Can I use any kitchen spatula for grilling?

Technically, yes – but using a specialized grilling spatula is recommended to ensure maximum efficiency when handling meat on an outdoor grill.

3. Are wooden-handled spatulas durable enough for grilling?

Wooden-handled spatulas can be durable enough for infrequent backyard barbecues, but they’re generally not as heat-resistant or long-lasting as metal-handled options.

4. How often should I replace my old grilling spatula?

It depends on how frequently you use your grill – if you regularly host cookouts or barbecue dinners, it may be wise to upgrade your spatula every few years to avoid wear and tear that could result in accidents during cooking.

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